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Co-working in London – an increasingly viable solution

29th July, 29

Over recent years, co-working has redefined the way we work, and new co-working spaces seem to be popping up across the capital every month.

The original concept of coworking was to attract homeworkers uninspired with the isolation of working alone, the clutter of the kitchen table and the distractions of family life. It also offered a very attractive alternative for new businesses which couldn’t afford the ever-increasing rents of a standard London office. Instead, co-workers pay a monthly subscription tailored to the access and services they need from the provider of the space.

With the shift in the way the UK is doing business, and the rise in the number of freelancers and small business owners, there is a significant and increasing demand for efficient and adaptable space in London. Instead of working from cafes or at home, these businesses are attracted to the facilities that coworking brings and to a place they are inspired to work in.

For many years, you would find ‘business centres’ around London where people might rent desk space and telephone lines or reserve meeting rooms when they needed them. However, these centres were often stale and unimaginative, resembling the very thing that homeworkers and freelancers were trying to move away from. Public spaces and cafes often offered vibrancy more conducive to doing good business.

By contrast, coworking spaces have evolved to bring the cafe feel into the office, offering style and comfort. Perhaps more importantly, while the environment is crucial, it is the feeling of shared purpose and community that keeps co-workers enthused and motivated. These spaces offer everything you would expect from an office and, in many cases, much more, with the potential to forge strong business relationships with your fellow co-workers.

For property owners, there is an increasing requirement to cater for the growing demand of business owners and freelancers looking for small and niche office space, as well as to larger groups or companies looking to rent a whole floor or building. Increasingly it is accepted as a cost effective way of renting out a whole building, while creating a valuable community of ambassadors for your business at the same time.

London has a number of diverse coworking spaces, with increasing demand in the West End, central London and the East End. For example, there is a growing buzz in the Shoreditch area, which has become known as Tech City. Here, old warehouses and shops are being converted into modern offices, and the whole area has been regenerated as a result. More diverse types of businesses look to space in the ever-fashionable area of West London, with close links to everything that the capital has to offer.

The services you get from coworking spaces will differ from one space to another, as will the monthly cost. It is certainly worth doing your research as to what is out there.

Here at Dryland, we have a mix of businesses working together in a stylish environment, offering the highest spec IT infrastructure, superfast Wi-Fi and excellent transport links. There is a sense of community and collaboration, and we have regular events that give our members the opportunity to network and socialise with each other – invaluable for building better working relationships.

Why not pop in and see what our space has to offer. We have different levels of membership plus the added bonus of the Dryland Grand Café. It’s worth investigating, and you could find that coworking really IS for you.

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